The Digital Supply Chain of the Future in the Pharmaceutical

Quick Spare Part Delivery via 3D Printing Ecosystem

  • Discover a real-life use case with a global pharmaceutical company, that introduced a decentralized 3D printing platform to enhance efficiency and shorten replenishment cycles in spare parts procurement
  • Minimize costs associated with spare parts and optimize safety stock levels
  • Learn about the sustainability benefits of the collaborative approach

Learn how to achieve 90% delivery time reduction and 50% holding cost reduction

In the pharmaceutical industry, the availability of spare parts for production machinery is crucial for ensuring continuous production and the supply of patients with vital medications. However, traditional methods of procuring spare parts are often costly and time-consuming.

These challenges have led to an innovative collaboration between Replique, a provider of a decentralized 3D printing platform, a global pharmaceutical company, and their supplier, a leading system provider for pharmaceutical packaging. The result of this collaboration is a groundbreaking digital supply chain for the pharmaceutical industry, significantly shortening replenishment cycles, reducing costs, minimizing safety stock levels, and simultaneously decreasing the carbon footprint.


We are proud to pioneer with this initiative and enable a more efficient and sustainable spare parts procurement. This, in turn, helps us make our supply chain more resilient.

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