Tranforming the legacy and optimize

You need a 3D optimized design? At Replique we offer everything you need. We can convert a 2D drawing into 3D files or use reverse engineering when drawings don't exist anymore. We also offer simulation and make design optimizations for additive manufacturing. Benefit from leightweight and durable parts, cost-efficient production of complex parts as well as higher individualisation.

Part Design

Qualifying parts for 3D printing

Additive manufacturing is a rather unknown technology for many companies. That's why, Replique is there from the start. We offer part screening from a technical and commercial perspective to find 3D printable parts and provide you with the right material and technology. To ensure high quality, we can further implement special certification requirements with our partners, e.g. for the food industry.


Integrating 3D printing into processes

To shift from a physical to a digital inventory with decentral on-demand production, it is necessary to integrate 3D printing into supply chain processes. With Replique you can safely store all your designs on our digital inventory, where you can monitor your portfolio, orders, and sales. Moreover, we are automating the process from the placement of an order, e.g. by an end customer in an e-commerce shop to the 3D printing facility and distribution.

Digital Inventory

Security with on-demand 3D printing

Leveraging our global 3D printing network we produce parts on-demand and close to the consumer, either in metal, polymer or composites. This saves time, money, avoids complex custom formalities and can even improve the carbon footprint of the overall supply process. All our suppliers are tested and qualified. With an end-to-end encryption we make sure that parts are only produced in the requested amount and quality.


Order fulfilment made easy

To leverage the potential of decentral manufacturing, it makes sense to ship the part directly from the print service bureau to the end customer/user in a classic drop-shipment way. If requested we can manage the whole fulfilment process from order management to shipment. Once parts are integrated in our digital inventory, one of our manufacturing partners fulfils incoming orders from webshops or ERP systems based on their capabilities, capacity and location.

Part Design
Digital Inventory
Qualification Replique


Design, Material & Technology Knowhow

We support you in each step of your 3D printing journey. That includes part identification, material and technology selection, simulation, design improvements and even the design of new parts – from professionals for professionals.


Secure Storage and Easy Process Integration

Replique’s digital  inventory platform enables an easy and efficient management of 3D printable spare parts. Once a design is onboarded, the platform – connecting customers and manufacturers – ensures smooth, reliable and secure operations.

Digital Inventory Replique
Production Network Replique


On-Demand and Industrial Grade 3D Printing

Our platform provides you a secure access to a wide range of additive manufacturing technologies. With our global network you can benefit from the advantages of decentralized, customer-oriented production.

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