Production Network

Leverage the benefits of decentralized production with our expert network.

Our Production Partners

Replique works with a network of experts worldwide across all additive manufacturing technologies (e. g. FDM, SLS, MJF and SLM) and materials (polymers, metals and composites). To ensure high quality, we carefully select our partners during an onboarding process to identify their capabilities and capacity. With non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and full encryption of our platform, OEM’s intellectual property is secure with us.

Using our network you can scale your business fast and efficient. Request quotes for your parts for on-demand and batch printing or onboard your designs on our digital inventory for an even smoother workflow. Leverage the infrastructure of our expert network!

Production Network Replique
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Ensuring Quality, Security and Usability

Once your ordering and sales channels are integrated in our digital inventory, you don’t need to worry about order fulfillment anymore. When an order is placed it is automatically sent to the right manufacturing partner with free capacity and short delivery times. By this, we ensure high quality printing close to where the parts are needed. If requested we can also customize packaging.

To ensure high quality, we constantly monitor all printed spare parts. Moreover, we enforce printing parameters on our platform, so parts can only be produced in the requested amount and with the requested requirements – for spare parts, you can trust.

You can even add quality assurance to your production requirements, making specific tests on your parts mandatory via a checklist. You can track all your parts in the digital warehouse or even integrate additive markings to your parts.

About 3D Printing

In additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, a ”printer” is building up a three-dimensional object one layer at a time.  The printing information regarding form, color and texture is saved in a digital file. Parts can be printed in almost any complex geometry and a lot of different materials, like polymers and metals.

With 3D printing you can benefit of:

  • reduced total cost of ownership
  • on-demand production of any part
  • decentralized production
  • fast go-to-market
  • and much more

Learn more about 3D printing in our whitepaper.

3D printing Replique

The Benefits at a Glance

Huge Capacities & Scalability

Using our decentral network, you can scale your business fast and worldwide

Access to Knowhow & Infrastructure

With Replique you have all knowledge, materials and technologies you need in your hands.

High Quality Manufacturing

We only choose qualified production partners for your spare parts. By fixing print parameters quality is secure.

Secure Transfer of Intellectual Property

With an end-to-end encryption, parts can only be produced in the requested quantity.

Local Production & Higher Sustainability

Spare parts can be produced decentral without physical warehouses, reducing CO2 and waste.

Less Costs & More Resilience

Our platform enables on-demand production, reducing costs in logistics and enabling higher flexibility.

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