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Our online platform enables large OEMs to provide on-demand spare parts to their customers through our global, decentralized, and secured 3D printing network.

What We Do

Replique believes that the future of spare part business lies in licensing the part design and manufacturing it in a decentral manner rather than selling the physical part itself.

Therefore, Replique offers an online platform that transforms traditional manufacturing’s fixed cost into a variable cost — thus, providing an End-to-End Solution for OEMs to manufacture on-demand, sell and distribute spare parts globally and as close as possible to the end-customer.

Our ecosystem recruits highly experienced and professional service bureaus to ensure high-quality output. We take strong measures to protect the OEMs’ intellectual property, who onboard their part designs on our platform, by partnering with the best available encryption technology provider.

Our Mission

Centralized production and distribution of spare parts are becoming a big challenge in most traditional machine-intensive industries. Especially in uncertain situations like Covid-19, OEMs are confronted with disrupted supply chains and international delivery uncertainties. Such circumstances force them to incur high Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) of spare parts in their warehouse to provide business continuity. This additional inventory, if unused, might further cause obsolete inventory, leading to an increased overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We believe that there is vast potential to manage the aftersales market more efficiently. Replique’s user-friendly platform enables OEMs to produce the spare part on-demand and empowers them to leverage decentralized additive manufacturing. Manufacturing closer to the point of consumption will make the supply chain simple and lower the logistics costs.​

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Value Proposition

We build our business on strong foundations of trust. By producing decentral and on-demand, OEMs can benefit from our following fundamental value addition

Reduce TCO

Simplify Supplier Network

Satisfied End Customer

With Replique’s on-demand spare part value proposition you can significantly reduce your Total Cost of Ownership of slow moving spare parts by reducing your:

  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Warehouse cost
  • Logistics

Backed by BASF’s strong material knowledge and engineering capabilities, leverage Replique’s End-to-End capabilities from part detection, material selection to decentralized 3D printing.

Strengthen your brand equity and improve customer experience by serving spare parts for old machinery even longer thus increasing the sustainability score of your machines.

How It Works

Whether you are at the beginning of your additive manufacturing journey or an expert, our team of highly experienced engineers and material experts are always here to support.

Our team offers complete support in identifying the right part for additive manufacturing, choosing the suitable material, and selecting the suited additive manufacturing technology. After identifying the right spare parts, if required, we also support you to optimize the design for the given material and technology.

Upload Design

Get complete support to identify the right design and upload them on our easy to use platform.


Launch these designs on various sales channels and open up your designs for anyone to buy the corresponding 3D printed spare part online.​


Leverage our strong global network of professional service bureaus to print closer to your shipping destination and get the spare part delivered to the required destination.​

Why Replique?

Replique was born in the most advanced data-driven team of BASF’s Digitalization department. Based on our analysis there are only two types of players in the market:

– Software providers, who simplify certain processes within the 3D printing and design environment 

– 3D printing consultants & engineers, who support companies with their knowledge in 3D printing and engineering

Being supported by BASF, Replique has the clear advantage of having the best of both worlds compared to other players in the market.

Here´s what we offer in the market

Design Services

Designing the 3D spare part from scratch
Reverse Engineering from 2D designs
Design Optimization for 3D printing

Engineering Services

Part Identification
Technology selection
Material selection
Printing Technology selection


Production of high quality products within our global network of print farms
Local and on-demand manufacturing
Packing and shipping

Digital Warehousing

3D printing design management
Managing of enforcement
Managing of production parameters & sales channels


Streamlining the print to order process for internal ordering
Giving your spare part business a flavor of online ecommerce
Connecting the digital warehouse to existing ecommerce solutions

Design Services
Engineering Services
Digital Warehousing

About Us

Coming from the BASF’s Digital Transformation initiative, our core team is passionate about building digital products that create value for customers. We strongly believe that data exchange is the biggest asset for organizations in the 21st century. This prompted us to envision how to revolutionize decentralized manufacturing.

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