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Receive your parts in 3 easy steps

1. Request quote

Choose from a variety of technologies and materials and upload your part. Unsure how to get your parts produced? No problem, we will help you according to your requirements.

2. Order parts

Our engineers will examine your request in detail and you will receive an offer from us based on your requirements. Are you happy? then simply order it digitally or directly via our platform.

3. Get parts on-demand

Benefit from our qualified decentralized production network and receive your components on demand, anywhere worldwide.

Start your 3D printing serial production asset-light

Our digital inventory platform enables you to produce according to industrial standards. No minimum order quantities, no warehousing, no risk.

Access to worldwide certified ecosystem anytime

No investment in own equipment and AM knowhow

Data security and end-to-end encryption

Consistent quality thanks to prequalified production parameters

Patented quality assurance and part tracking

Integration of own ERP system/web shop 

Our platform in 99 seconds

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Our production network in numbers

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At Replique, quality is not just a standard – it’s our commitment

Whether it’s precision engineering or stringent quality control measures, we prioritize quality at every step.

Our patented quality assurance technology guarantees precision and reliability in every part. Simply add your required quality tests to your part and track all production information centrally on the platform. Self-learning platform includes feedback from large data sets and improves parameter setting.

Partnering with ISO 9001 certified print farms ensures adherence to the highest quality standards. Our production partners are certified according to multiple industrial standards such as pharmaceutical, automotive and railway standards.

With an encrypted platform, we prioritize data security, and enable you to produce the part anywhere worldwide in consistent quality.

We provide industrial grade materials from leading manufacturers out of our material manufacturer network. All partners commit to in-depth qualification and application testing of their materials.

What our customers say about us

Our platform is agnostic, serving customers form all industries, such as transportation, heavy machinery, smart production, chemicals and more.

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From a quick start to the full integration into your company

Self Starter

Start simple and upload your first part for a quick quote. Costs only occur, once you order the part.

Especially suitable for single orders or quick demands.

Services you’ll love:

  • Free qualified quoting
  • Quick checking of your requirements by our engineers
  • On-demand production anywhere worldwide
  • Free use of our material database for easy filtering of the right materials
  • Engineering services, e.g. reverse engineering & redesigning on request


Use our digital inventory platform as a first step into your supply chain resilience and on-demand serial production.

Especially suitable for reoccurring orders and high quality requirements.

Everything in Self Starter, plus:

  • Digital inventory platform for easy part management and analysis
  • Order parts via our platform
  • Use of our quality tool RSure to enable quality tests and part tracking
  • End-to-end encryption up to the printer to secure intellectual property and quality


For full integration into your process and software landscape, up to global fulfillment.

Especially suitable for frequent usage and individualization.

Everything in Advanced, plus:

  • Integration of your own printers
  • Integration of ERP systems or web shops
  • Integration of additional services via API

Acess our free Material Hub

Our AM material hub is filled with data from our world-leading material manufacturing partners. Check it out for free to find the right 3D printing material in seconds.