Stop warehousing, start producing on-demand!

Discover our 3D printing platform at Automatica 2023

27 – 30 June 2022 in Munich
Start-up Arena | B4-326

Replique at Automatica 2023

At Automatica 2023, you will be able to experience the Replique platform, which enables you to provide trusted parts anytime, anywhere via a qualified 3D printing network. Get an introduction to our digital inventory, where you can store all your parts digitally and even integrate your internal ordering channels or webshops to order parts on-demand. With tools, such as our quality module RSure, which allows you to set a digital quality inspection and track each printed part, you can be assured that your parts meet your required quality standards. Come by our booth to explore some interesting use cases from industrial customers such as Alstom and Miele and discover your opportunities in distributed industrial 3D printing.

We are happy to welcome you at booth B4-326!

Why visit us at Automatica?

Replique makes on-demand and industrial 3D printing easy: A trusted network of more than 75 print farm partners worldwide, material & technology consultation, and a simple and secure digital inventory platform for all transactions, that can easily be integrated into existing system landscape.

Visit us at Automatica to learn how our 3D printing platform can improve your sustainability, profitability, resilience, and more.

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Make sure to visit us at Replique at B4-326 for a live exchange about your future in industrial production!