Our Offering

From concept of a part via our digital inventory, 3D printing and shipping of the finished parts to their final destination.

We at Replique offer you end-to-end support or just indivdidual modules tailored to your needs!

You have an old part that you want to replicate? Or you have a new idea you want to realise with 3D printing?

We offer reverse engineering from 2D designs. Moreover, our engineers can design new parts from the scratch or make design optimizations for additive manufacturing. Benefit from more leightweight and durable parts, easy construction of complex products and the possibility of part consolidations.

You want to start with 3D printing, but are not experienced yet? You need help in finding 3D printable parts, technology and suitable materials?

We offer part screening from a technical and commercial perspective to find 3D printable parts. Coming from BASF, we can also offer simulation and propose you the most suitable material, technology as well as a price estimation.

You want to use 3D printing, but don't have the infrastructure? With a service bureau you are afraid, your IP and part quality won't be secured?

We have the solution for you. With Replique you can safely store all your designs on our digital inventory, where you can monitor your portfolio, orders, and sales. Once an order is placed, it is automatically forwarded to one of our manufacturing partners - on-demand. As our platform is encrypted and part parameters are enforced, you never need to worry about your IP security or lower quality anymore. Plus, you can benefit from reduced inventory and logistics costs.

You want to 3D print your designs and scale your business? And you need the right partner you can trust?

Leaveraging our global expert network, we can produce parts on-demand and close to the final destination. We offer all state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies and materials. We can either provide you independently with quotes for your parts for on-demand and batch printing or include your parts to our digital inventory for a smooth and easy process integration.

You are searching for a partner who not only prints your parts, but also manages the whole order fulfillment?

We integrate our digital inventory to your ordering and sales channels (such as e-commerce and ERP). Once an order is placed, one of our manufacturing partners does the whole fulfillment based on their capabilities, capacities and location. You in return get a comission for each sold part. If requested, customized packing is possible.

Our Offering Is Built on Three Strong Pillars


Design, Material and Technology Knowhow

We support you in each step of your 3D printing journey. That includes material and technology selection, part identification, simulation, design improvements and even the design of new parts – from professionals for professionals.

Digital Inventory

Secure Storage and Easy Process Integration

Replique’s digital platform enables a convenient and efficient management of 3D printable spare parts. Once a design is onboarded, the platform – connecting customers and manufacturing partners – ensures smooth, reliable and secure operations.

Production Network

On-Demand and Industrial Grade 3D Printing

Replique works with a network of carefully chosen manufacturing partners worldwide across all additive manufacturing technologies to ensure on-demand printing close to the place needed. Leverage the possibilities of decentral production.

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